We’re Also Not Patent Lawyers

Welcome to another patently good episode of The Half Hour Happy Hour! This week we’re discussing intellectual property and patent laws. From comb overs to breasts, you’ll be in for a shock when you learn just how wacky the patent system has gotten. We also talk about the current legislation in the works to reform patent law, and you’ll most likely be less shocked to learn that it is probably going to make the problem worse. So come along, while the method of raising glass to mouth is still free, and join in the patented Half Hour Happy Experience™©,


Jer - Mojo IPA – Boulder Beer
Jen - Double Bock – Samuel Adams
Justin - Key West Southernmost Wheat – Florida Beer Co


Show notes

3:44 - Courthouse builds stairway to pervert heaven
6:18 - Asteroid just buzzed Earth
7:20 - Summer Solstice celebrations: Fire, Druids, Lasers, Llamas
9:48 - Hacker vs. Hacker: New Rival Claims to Out LulzSec Leader
10:05 - “A-Team” Hacker Group Posts Purported Identities and Locations of LulzSec Members
10:28 - LulzSec calls it quits
11:15 - KFC sells a half-gallon of soda to support Juvenile Diabetes research
13:09 - Scientists create first memory expansion for the brain
14:18 - Johnny Mnemonic
14:31 - Shadowrun 20th Anniversary Edition
16:00 - Patent Office History
17:37 - Software patent issues
18:20 - Nortel patents being auctioned off
19:30 - Strange patents
24:53 - 20% of human genes are patented
25:14 - Myriad Genetics & patents on breast cancer genes
29:11 - Apple awarded multitouch patent
31:40 - Smell-o-vision TV closer to reality
34:00 - G.Wiz Faulhaber Fab Lab
37:38 - Patent Reform Bill


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