Rebuilding Bulldogs, Curiosity, and The Terminator (contact lens)

There’s a nip in the air and a nip in our glasses that remind us it’s time for another episode of The Half Hour Happy Hour. This week we sample some more beer from Schlafly, which we will miss saying once we are out. We start off with a bit of business news about the failed merger of AT&T and T-Mobile. Then we talk a bit about the bulldog and how some people want to genetically engineer it back to it’s pre-human-screwed-with state. Finally, we geek out on the way out with some news and pictures of the Curiosity rover, and a new breakthrough in HUD contact lenses.

Featured Beer
Schlafly Beer – Hefeweizen Unfiltered Wheat Ale

Show notes

4:56 - AT&T stops T-Mobile merger bid
10:57 - Samsung Ad
12:32 - Can the Bulldog be saved?
14:46 - Original Bulldog design
20:00 - NASA’s New Mars Rover Launches Successfully
22:33 - Photo Gallery of Mars Rover “Curiosity”
27:32 - Researcher’s build Terminator contact lens

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