People who still use AOL dial up, people who paint with gravity, and people who let you hug a gator for 5 bucks

Welcome back everyone! You’ve found another episode of The Half Hour Happy Hour. This week we’ve got a lot of artsy things to talk about. The Sarasota Chalk Festival happened and inspired Jen to find some alternative art styles. She found a lady who paints with gravity, a tiger rug made of cigarettes, and even someone who paints with molotov cocktails. There’s a few other non-art topics sprinkled throughout, and we should get to em, so grab that beer and give a listen.

Featured Beer
Bell’s Brewing Co. – Kalamazoo Stout

Jer - I’ll have another
Jen - I’ll have another
Justin - I’ll have another


Show notes

4:16 - 3.5 million people are still using AOL dialup
11:01 - Louis C.K. hates smartphones and so should you
16:37 - Bendy Nokia phone prototype and 8 other bizarro cell phone concepts
17:50 - UP by Jawbone
21:33 - Sarasota Chalk Festival
22:15 - Babushka artwork takes quilling to a whole new level
22:29 - Young artist uses gravity as her paintbrush
22:43 - Smoking tiger rug made from 500,000 cigarettes
25:46 - Siesta Key Crystal Classic
26:56 - Russian artist paints with molotov cocktails
28:40 - Japanese art collective turns street rats into taxidermied Pikachus
31:30 - Cleaner scrubs away Ł690,000 work of art
34:48 - Florida gator expert opens hug-an-alligator business
40:30 - 32 inexplicable photos from Russia
41:55 - Eurotrip (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

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