We Got The Power

With rising gas prices and rising global temperatures, alternative energy is the hot topic these days. It’s also the topic of our show this week! We talk about several advancements in the current areas of alternative energy generation, namely wind and solar, and also explore some new methods, like super conductors and harnessing waste heat. We talk about how the majority of the U.S. still gets their power from fossil fuels, and what government and commercial initiatives are going on to try and help change that. And of course there are plenty of natural gas jokes to be had. So huddle around your campfires, crack open a cold one, and join us for the discussion.

Check out the following link to see how clean the energy use in your area is – How clean is my energy


Jer - Ruination IPA – Stone Brewing
Jen - Jamaica Stout – Big City Brewing
Justin - 1888 Bock – Leinenkugel’s


Show notes

2:55 - The Wii will not play DVD and Blu-Ray
4:34 - The Other PS3 Hacker Is (Probably) Headed to Jail
6:05 - Verizon prepares to kill unlimited data plans
8:12 - The military spends $20 bil a year air conditioning tents
9:59 - Glasses with 720p HD camera built in
11:12 - Airport geese to be cooked for the poor
12:22 - Research shows the cooling your head can reduce insomnia symptoms
15:08 - Phase changing alloy converts excess heat to energy
17:48 - Harnessing excess heat and the Carnot Limit
18:30 - Where does my power come from
19:03 - Understanding the Cost of Solar Energy
19:35 - Solaria: Finding Clever Ways to Make Cheaper Solar Panels
20:50 - “Sea snakes” to harness tidal power
23:05 - Room temperature super conductors
24:30 - Nearly 50 U.S nuclear power plants leaking tritium
26:14 - Futurama: The Complete Collection
27:55 - Pythagoras Solar Turns Windows Into Panels Of Energy
28:50 - Solar generator splits water to make hydrogen
30:15 - Nanotechnology Lights Up Batteries and Clothing
30:48 - Start-up pumped for compressed air wind storage
31:10 - China makes world’s largest wind turbine, on par with Germany
32:14 - Made with wind power, now branded
34:10 - 10 Ways We Can Power-Up Without Nuclear Disaster
34:57 - Norpro Grip EZ Stainless Steel Compost Keeper

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