E3 Roundup

The gamer summer Christmas has come and gone. That’s right, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, or E3, ended recently and, as always, showed everyone a glimpse of the cool new gaming they’ll get to do in the near future. Nintendo and Sony showed off new hardware and Microsoft wants you to shake your butt around. We take a walk through this world of games, and give a glimpse into the history of some of these gaming giants. So put down the controller, pick up a glass, and everyone do a barrel roll!


Jer - Kellerweis – Sierra Nevada
Jen - Drifter Pale Ale – Widmer Brothers
Justin - Blonde Ale – Red Brick


Show notes

3:24 - First Womb Transplant
5:59 - LulzSec takes down AlJahad.com, an islamic extremism site.
6:43 - IMF Hacked
8:08 - Banks not responsible if your account is hacked
9:11 - 10 most common iPhone passwords
9:23 - Spaceballs
9:42 - White House wants a smart grid
11:47 - Trivia Championships of North America, July 8-10, 2011, Las Vegas
13:22 - Duke Nukem Forever finally released.
15:25 - Wii U
26:35 - PS Vita
36:29 - OnLive
39:18 - Foamy the squirrel rants about achievements
42:46 - Pirates of Silicon Valley
43:31 - Windows 8

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