Jetpacks, Talking Dolphins, and the 100 Year Starship Study

We light your asses on fire this week on The Half Hour Happy Hour. With our jetpacks, of course. Some of the topics this week include the aforementioned flaming-ass jetpacks, crazy stuff that can be done with or to your brain, DARPA’s plan to ship some humans out of the solar system in the next 100 years, and talking dolphins. Talking dolphins! So, as always, grab a beer and give a listen!

This Weeks Beer
Southern Tier Brewing Co – Iniquity Imperial Black Ale

Jer - I’ll have another
Jen - I’ll pass
Justin - I’ll have another


Show notes

4:16 - The jetpack takes flight
9:34 - Is mind control the future for tvs
11:25 - Scientists can make you lie using magnets
17:26 - Dolphins may “talk” like humans
21:12 - DARPA’s 100 year starship study
25:45 - Next Intel chips will have world’s first 3D transistors
26:01 - IBM and 3M join forces to fab 3D microchips, create mini-silicon skyscraper valley
28:10 - DIY Nerf gun darts
29:37 - .XXX web domain registration begins
31:58 - Banana hiding weasels are the rare animals that know about the future

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