DC Reboot, Light Sensitive Brains, and a Surplus of Severed Feet

If things seem different this week, it’s because we did something new with our hair. Do you like it? We’ve got a bag full of random topics this week, as we take things a little lighter and see what’s going on in our crazy world. And crazy it is! We find out why shooting lasers into your ear can be beneficial, where all the lost feet in the world go to rest, and how close to the future we really are (hint: it involves spaceships). So kick back, crack a cold one, and give a listen!

This Weeks Beer
Avery Brewing – Salvation

Jer - I’ll have another
Jen - I’ll have another
Justin - I’ll pass


Show notes

7:04 - 14 household uses for beer
9:25 - Amazon CEO’s spaceship crashes
10:09 - The yearly bill for the pentagon’s no-bid contracts is $140 billion
13:03 - Rebooted Justice League offers peek at DC Comics’ ‘New World Order’
13:30 - DC Comics gives its superheroes a makeover
26:10 - The human brain is sensitive to light
28:38 - Human brain responds to animals, cute or creepy
31:44 - Twitter based hedge fund beats stock market
35:09 - Another severed foot washes ashore in Vancouver
38:53 - Japan’s first reptile cafe opens in Yokohama
40:16 - Tokyo’s baby cafe where cool kids hang out
42:06 - Japan’s creepy Yokai monster train
45:08 - Systematic annihilation of helpless objects via robot

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