Halloween, Snakes in a Cave, and Why Not Space

Welcome to The Half Hour Happy Hour’s spooktacular Halloween episode. We start off with a little info on where Halloween came from, how it got to where it is, and how much we Americans like to spend on it. We’ve also got some awesome pumpkin carving pictures. After the Halloween talk, we move on to topics like the Polish cops who got fired for protecting Paris Hilton, why it would be a bad thing if the U.S. got out of debt, and what kind of hijinks PETA is getting up to these days. Finally, we offer a bit of counterpoint to some of our previous space exploration discussions. We wouldn’t want to appear biased, of course. So grab that beer and give a listen.

Featured Beer
Avery Brewing – Eighteen Anniversary Ale

Jer - I’ll have another
Jen - I’ll pass
Justin - I’ll pass


Show notes

4:50 - Halloween 2011: Top Costumes, History, Myths, and More
11:03 - Conn. lawmaker wants Halloween on Saturday. Forever
14:26 - Villafane – The Art of Pumpkin Carving
15:20 - Largest pumpkin carved
17:02 - Snakes in a cave
20:18 - Elite Polish cops sacked for protecting Paris Hilton
22:37 - Life After Debt
25:01 - White House launches “We The People” e-petition website
30:35 - A man threw a molotov cocktail at a taco bell because his chalupa didn’t have enough meat
32:35 - PETA lawsuit seeks to expand animal rights
39:20 - Man stuck in baby swing
44:14 - Why not space?
47:19 - Bill Nye, Neil deGrase Tyson, Pamela Gay, and Lawrence Krauss discuss our future in space
49:50 - Beer space tours could be possible

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