Barking Piranhas, Man-Flu, and Search… Hammer Time

This week on The Half Hour Happy Hour we sample what might be one of the best beers in the world. We also talk about some things that may just save your life one day. Things like how a melon can kill you. Or what it means when you hear a barking sound while floating down a river in Africa. And look out, because we also have a story on the next great search industry giant, MC Hammer. If that’s hard to believe, you’ll just have to listen to the episode and find out what’s up. Grab that glass and let’s go.

Featured Beer
Southern Tier Brewing – Crème Brûlée

Jer - I’ll have another
Jen - I’ll have another
Justin - I’ll have another


Show notes

1:36 - Mr. Beerys Sarasota
4:12 - Apple misses quarterly earnings estimate
8:29 - MC Hammer announces “Wiredoo” search engine
11:33 - 25 dead from melons
16:08 - Watch robots build other robots out of spray foam
19:52 - Another dead satellite to fall to Earth
21:31 - DARPA robots will turn dead satellites into zombie orbital array
23:13 - Piranhas bark
27:08 - Dozens of exotic animals escape Ohio preserve and terrorize town
33:04 - Mollusks evolved brains on four different occasions
35:40 - Paul the psychic octopus has a perfect World Cup predicition record
37:25 - ”Man-flu” is real to a fifth of British women
41:07 - Google and Dogfish Head collaborate on Urkontinent beer
43:45 - Polish Dan

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