Flaming Irishmen, STEM on Sesame Street, and a Bag of Severed Heads

We’ve got a varied and amusing array of topics this week on The Half Hour Happy Hour. If the title hasn’t intrigued you enough, some of the other topics this week include exploding toilets, a shark powered boat, and a disgusting picture book. Cause really, what could be better? So hurry and grab a beer and we’ll be waiting for you on the other side of the play button.


Jer - Lazy Magnolia – Indian Summer Spiced Ale
Jen - Bayou Teche Biere – LA-31 Grenade
Justin - Bayou Teche Biere – LA-31 Boucanee


Show notes

5:49 - Exploding toilet injures woman at US government building
8:25 - 75 year old chair is turned into steampunk Nerf gun
9:43 - Mad Max Wasteland Weekend
11:26 - Shark drags man in kayak for half a mile
13:14 - Sesame Street to include STEM (science, engineering, technology, and math) segments this season
17:16 - Creepiest video software ever substitutes faces in real time
20:48 - Scientists restore lost brain functions with electronic implant
23:04 - Bag of severed heads left near Mexican school
26:11 - Baboons are capable of understanding analogies
31:44 - Beautifully written account of behavioral economics and social games
38:22 - First Irish death by spontaneous combustion
41:30 - How spontaneous combustion works
43:20 - ”That’s Disgusting!” awesomely gross picture book

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