Facebook PAC, Poop Powered Bikes, and Legalized Dwarf Tossing

In both the literal and metaphorical sense, we’ve got a lot of shit this week on The Half Hour Happy Hour. Not us, of course. We’re as awesome as ever. But many of the topics this week are about things that are shitty. There are a few bright spots though, like monkeys controlling robot arms, a doggy AT-AT, and curious rovers. So grab that beer and listen up!

Featured Beer
Sierra Nevada & Dogfish Head – Life & Limb

Jer - I’ll have another
Jen - I’ll have another
Justin - I’ll have another


Show notes

6:03 - The New Yorker – Steve Jobs at the Pearly Gates
6:41 - Doggy AT-AT costume
7:45 - Microsoft files for body scan patent to know when you’re ready to watch porn
9:15 - Brain implant gives monkeys virtual limbs
13:10 - Virus hits US drone fleet
16:42 - Fox won’t share Simpsons profits with actors
19:33 - Florida lawmaker to repeal ban on dwarf tossing
23:17 - Facebook forming a Political Action Committee
26:12 - New law fights regulation with regulation
30:01 - The camel riding robot jockeys of Arabia
32:17 - Mars rover Curiosity gets sealed up
36:47 - Christian churches in India rewarding large families
40:51 - Japanese toilet company creates poop powered bike

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