Fiscal Responsibility Is For Suckers

Debtageddon! Dollarpocalypse!

Every other “crisis” gets a clever -geddon or -pocalypse term, so why not the looming U.S. debt cap deadline? That’s the topic of this weeks discussion (the debt cap, not the silly phrases). It’s important for every American to understand what is going on with the government’s budget right now, and we do our best to break this issue down in a way that everyone can understand. Beer helps. You’ve got from now until Aug 2nd to prepare, and we’ve got all the info you need! So grab your helmet, your mug, and give a listen.


Jer - Jalehouse – Lockdown Lager
Jen - Anderson Valley Brewing Co. – Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale
Justin - Leinenkugel’s – Summer Shandy


Show notes

4:03 - Scientists use ink-jet printing to produce solar cells
6:25 - Renewable energy production surpasses nuclear energy production
7:59 - Sun Stroke infographic
9:24 - Woman faces jail time over vegetable garden
11:39 - Music Gets Physical in Biorhythm Interactive Exhibit
13:56 - US Army spent $2.7 billion on a battlefield computer that doesn’t work
17:35 - U.S. debt ceiling deadline
18:25 - Who is raising the debt ceiling
23:30 - U.S. debt ceiling debate: Time to get real
24:00 - Binyamin Applebaum interview
30:13 - What happens if the U.S. defaults on it’s debts
37:55 - World military spending
43:00 - U.S. hits debt ceiling

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