We Are Not Licensed Tax Advisors, Either

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This week the Half Hour Happy Hour crew tackles everyone’s favorite topic, taxes! First, we’re going to get you riled about by telling you why you have to give up a good portion of your money in the first place. Then, we’re going to tell you about how that hard earned money you’re giving up is being spent, and how certain entities who have more “hard earned” money aren’t giving up quite so much, if any. And finally, we’re gonna drive it home by telling you how the only people who are trying to stop you from giving up your hard earned money are crackpots! Good times!


Jer - Stella Artois
Jen - Blue Point Brewery Toasted Lager
Justin - Blue Point Brewery RastafaRye Ale


Show notes
Jer would like to note that for all his figures Millions = Billions and Billions = Trillions

4:00 - Alaska Permanent Fund Dividend
6:30 - 16th Amendment
7:43 - Flat tax
8:38 - IRS Tax Code
9:35 - 1040Ez File Instructions
15:25 - Lottery as a retirement plan
15:32 - Demolition Man [Blu-ray]
15:40 - The Expendables
21:36 - Tax Bracket PDF
29:54 - Eddie Ray Kahn
39:18 - TaxFoundation.org
42:30 - No, you didn’t miss an episode, the shows referenced are coming in the future.


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