Traffic Jam On The Information Super Highway

Cheers! This week we’re discussing broadband internet data caps, their necessity (or lack there of), and their impact on both consumers and business. But first, we bring you something a little bit different. For the first part of the show we share news bits that we found interesting this week and felt were worthy of discussion. From dudes eating Big Macs to Sony getting hacked, we bring you juicy nibbles of info from around the web. Then it’s right into the discussion where we look at what exactly is going on with the state of the internet today, both foreign and domestic. We talk about how the US government’s lobby policy is hurting everyone (duh), and what kind of alternatives there out there to provide the population with a truly free and available communication network. So, as always, raise a glass and give a listen.

Hopefully downloading the episode doesn’t break your cap.


Jer - Boulder Beer Co Hazed & Infused
Jen - Flying Dog Tire Bite
Justin - Ommegang Abbey Ale


Show notes
Justin’s turn to use the wrong units. mbps = Megabytes per second, not millibits per second. Blame the beer.

3:11 - Man eats 25,000th Big Mac
4:34 - Alan Moore hints at making video game
4:40 - Watchmen DVD, Graphic Novel
5:15 - Sony PSN Hacked, Sony ISP Hacked, Sony Music Hacked
5:40 - Can’t play your PS3? Try a Xbox 360
7:05 - Anonymous exposes HBGary
7:27 - Anonymous
8:35 - Harold Camping predicts Rapture on May 21st, 2011
10:21 - The First Monorail
11:00 - The Simpsons – The Complete Fourth Season
11:33 - Disney Trademarks “SEAL Team 6″
12:50 - AT&T Caps Home Downloads
19:15 - FCC Commissioner Meredith Attwell to leave for Comcast/NBC
20:24 - North Carolina Level Playing Field Bill
22:11 - Netflix is King of the Internet
24:11 - Wireless Mesh Networks
26:01 - The First Internet
27:36 - Google Creates Fiber Network in Kansas City, Kansas
28:21 - Verizon FiOS
35:29 - Global Internet Rankings
35:26 - Comcast Imposes “Netflix Tax” on Level 3
37:59 - The IT Crowd
38:13 - Spartacus: Blood and Sand
38:21 - Avatar The Last Airbender – Book 1

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