How’d They Do That?

Were the great pyramids of Egypt really alien landing pads? Did early man have crazy stone powers? Did a lady really get it on with a bull in ancient Greece? This week on The Half Hour Happy Hour, it’s Mysteries From The Past! There’s a lot of lost history out there, and the truth behind some of it is pretty crazy. It’s a fun and thought provoking show this week, so grab a glass of our favorite golden treasure from the past, and hit that play button.


Jer - Brooklyn Brewery – Monster Ale
Jen - Southern Tier – Big Red
Justin - Left Hand Brewing – Polestar Pilsner


Show notes

5:03 - DIY Spy Drone Sniffs Wi-Fi, Intercepts Phone Calls
5:46 - U.S. military spends $22.5 bil a year fixing rust
6:22 - New warship disintegrates in water
7:55 - Apple has more cash then the U.S. government
9:40 - Are Chinese companies selling pills made of dead babies?
12:10 - What’s it take to get off nuclear power?
13:39 - Signs of flowing water seen on Mars
18:40 - A theory that could finally explain how the great pyramids of Egypt were built
22:33 - Teotihuacan
26:09 - Antikythera mechanism
30:28 - Baghdad battery
31:30 - Mohenjo-daro
33:28 - Anasazi
34:30 - Easter Island
37:30 - Sacsayhuaman (sexy woman)
39:52 - Petra
41:09 - Dashka stone
43:43 - Pastwatch: The Redemption of Christopher Columbus
44:14 - Piri Reis map
47:37 - Knossos, Crete – Labyrinth
53:12 - Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

Sadly, future Justin did not show up at the end of the show. Bastard.

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