Changing Modes Of Education

Ready to get schooled? Or rather, ready to get schooled on how to get schooled? This week on The Half Hour Happy Hour we are talking about new methods of education through technology. We’ve reached a point in our development as a society where individuals have the tools available to take ownership of their educational development. And now, more then ever, it’s crucial that they do. The rigidly structured, standardized forms of education we currently use are proving to be ineffectual at best, and harmful at worst, and it’s time to find a new way. We explore some of those ways, such as using mobile devices to access educational content, changing the way students come together to learn, and how effective learning environments can be brought to at-risk students. So grab a beer and give a listen. You may just learn something!


Jer - Hoppin’ Frog Brewing – Outta Kilter Wee-Heavy Scotch Red Ale
Jen - Unibroue – La Fin du Monde
Justin - Stone Brewing – Old Guardian


Show notes

4:55 - Boston Dynamics Big Dog
7:14 - Plants and animals migrating north as climate changes
8:17 - US flight shows “The Female Orgasm Explained”
8:17 - The Female Orgasm Explained (video)
9:30 - 3D milling machine made out of legos
11:10 - Someone actually made plans to send pigs to space
12:57 - Mad Crow Brewery
13:30 - Truck driver tries to use his feet as brakes
15:55 - 10 major mobile learning trends to watch for
16:55 - Amazon eBook sales greater then print books
18:15 - How museums are enhancing the visitor experience using digital integration
21:07 - In digital age, schools that succeed are schools that connect
24:30 - Online collaborative learning
28:23 - Project K-Nect
29:45 - Beyond the bubble test: how will we measure learning?
31:04 - Flipping the classroom
42:30 - Farber mobile classroom manufacturer
43:30 - BioBook
48:05 - Fast facts on gender adoption of online learning
50:34 - Online classes at MIT

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